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Learning to Trust God Through the Storms of Life

(También español) I will never forget the day of April 27, 2011. It was a day when I experienced firsthand that God was looking out for me. My name is Santiago Hernández. I am majoring in religion with an emphasis in health sciences at Pacific Union College, where I also play soccer. 

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Serving, Pets, and Uniting Efforts

Stories today are from Thunderbird Christian Elementary (TCE) in Arizona and Pacific Union College (PUC). TCE students are learning to serve in a myriad of ways as well as treating veterans to furry cuteness!

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The Radicals Brings Into Focus the Faith of the Anabaptists

(También español). The Radicals is a stage production about the Reformation written by Pacific Union College (PUC) professor Laura Wibberding. The play tells the story of early Anabaptist leaders. Their role in the Reformation was arguably more impactful to the heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church than even Martin Luther himself.

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Technology Courses

PUC recently began a groundbreaking collaboration with St. Helena High School, giving students the opportunity to learn how technology is applied to the environmental challenges they face in their own local communities and beyond.

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Students and Staff: A Bit About PUC

Highlighting Pacific Union College: Share a student’s journey as a Resident Assistant (RA)—what it means to him, and how he uses it as an opportunity to be a disciple for Jesus and welcome a new vice president for financial administration, Joy Hirdler.

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