About Seventh-day Adventists


Accessing God regularly. Each of us is a unique and valued child of God, created in His image and for a purpose. A large part of God’s purpose in creating each of us is to have a relationship with us. We each have equal access to God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We can communicate with God at any time through prayer, knowing that He never fails to hear us. While we may not always feel as if God is listening to our prayers, we believe He is always faithful. We commit to regular communication with God, even in times of despair.


Discipling for eternity. People achieve their best lives in communities of faith, growing daily into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Our churches nurture discipleship for our members and others within our communities—including those who may be disengaged from organized religion. We aim to help everyone develop an authentic and meaningful walk with God through His Son, recognizing that God’s plans for His children are eternal and that salvation is a gift offered to everyone.


Building strong communities. Humans find meaning and fulfillment through lives lived in community. We become stronger, wiser, and more understanding as we get to know a wide range of people—many who are very different from ourselves. Building diverse communities and working through the normal conflicts and misunderstandings that often arise between individuals and groups is an important part of our mission as Adventist Christians. We show faithfulness to God through our love for one another.


Nurturing lifelong learning. God created us to be lifelong learners— curious, passionate for understanding, and eager to make the most of our talents. Adventists operate one of the largest Christian educational systems in the world, from preschool through university. Adventist education is about developing people to be all that God created them to be—physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. People are blessed with different skill sets and talents, and we aim to honor these equally, helping all people feel valued and unique.


Living holistic and balanced lives. There is no part of our lives, no matter how small or seemingly trivial, that does not matter to God. The way we choose to live in all things cumulatively makes a difference to the overall quality of our lives and to the influence we have on those around us and on the world as a whole. While we believe our choices matter very much, we also accept the reality that God speaks to each person individually and is working in every person’s life toward making them whole. We support one another in our journeys, keeping the impulse to judge to a minimum.


Healing and making whole. Adventist healthcare is about “Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.” Every person should have access to the best healthcare available. While the Adventist approach to health certainly focuses on preventive medicine, it also maintains the highest level of curative care, with excellent hospitals and clinics throughout the region. We are proud of our long history as a healthcare-focused church and want the general public to see us as faithful healers, genuinely interested in the wellbeing of all patients who come to us for care.


Sharing the joy of Jesus. Our experience with the transformative nature of a relationship with Jesus makes us want to help others find the peace and beauty that He brings to every human life. We present our understanding of Christianity with sensitivity, recognizing and respecting the backgrounds of the people we meet and inviting them to experience Seventh-day Adventist Christianity for themselves. Our witnessing is never aggressive nor are our relationships contingent on whether friends, neighbors, or colleagues accept Jesus.


Standing up for what is right. One of the ways God speaks to us is through our conscience—that little voice that helps us distinguish between right and wrong. Adventists are encouraged to speak up in matters of conscience, holding firmly to Christian principles in all things while also maintaining a strong commitment to freedom of religion for all people. We are a strong enough community that we can tolerate instances in which matters of conscience collide, recognizing that we are formed in part through our life experiences and will sometimes differ in our expressed values. This in no way diminishes the love and respect we have for one another.


Looking forward to the future. Since the early days of our denomination, Adventists have held a unique view of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, giving us an expansive and hopeful view of the future, knowing that God is ultimately in control of human destiny. The prophetic gift of Ellen G. White has also given us special ways of looking at education, healthcare, family relationships, and the work of God in the world. We value these insights and believe they can help us live more focused and intentional lives. When we share them with others, it is with the sincere hope that these insights will bring a positive influence.


Resting and worshipping in relationship.The seventh-day Sabbath—the day known as Saturday—was given to all people at creation by a loving God who recognized that we would need weekly respite from work and intentionally set aside time for us to build a relationship with Him. We see Sabbath observance as a special opportunity to spend time with God: in worship, in fellowship with one another, and in service—as Jesus showed through His example. Rather than being a legalistic requirement, it is a privilege that we embrace wholeheartedly.


Serving as a way of life. Each of us is equipped with skills, talents, and abilities that we can put to use for the common good. The type of service we offer will depend on our context and abilities, but each of us is called by God to do what we can to make the world a better place until His return. Some Adventists choose an area of focus for their service—perhaps healthcare or providing meals to the homeless. Others take an eclectic approach, waiting and praying for the frequent opportunities that God places in their paths. While the type of service may differ, the commitment to our fellow human beings is unwavering.


Advocating for justice. Jesus is our model for social action. He always took the side of the poor and the marginalized—and so must we. Adventist Christians do not shy away from speaking truth to power, particularly to help the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. We aim to be known for our compassion and care, not for ignoring difficult situations or avoiding potential conflict because we fear being seen as divisive. We engage in social action respectfully but firmly, recognizing that institutional and policy changes are often instrumental in making justice a reality.