Arizona Conference

Arizona contains some of the world’s most stunning geographical features. The Adventist Church is also thriving there, with vibrant churches, summer camps, and the unique mission-driven Holbrook Indian School, working in unique ways to spread the Gospel.

Central California Conference

Fertile Central California features rich farmlands that help feed a hungry world. The Adventist church is heavily involved in transforming communities in this region through women’s ministries, Life Hope Centers, and many more activities.

Hawaii Conference

The beauty and diversity of Hawaii is unique in the United States. But even in such a paradise, people have a wide variety of physical and spiritual needs that committed Adventists are working to meet as they bring people to Christ.

Nevada-Utah Conference

There is a lot to do in Nevada and Utah—from the ski slopes of Tahoe and Snowbird to the neon-lit cities of Reno and Las Vegas. Adventist outreach here is nevertheless able to compete—and is making a profound difference in the lives of those in this shared territory.

Northern California Conference

Northern California is famous for its rugged coastline, giant Redwoods and Sequoias, and thriving metropolitan tech centers. While it may be easy for those who live here to feel self-sufficient, Adventist are working to uplift Jesus as the greatest—and only—hope.

Southeastern California Conference

Inclusive worship and hands-on service opportunities are central to Adventism in this melting pot of diverse cultures. Southeastern California Conference boasts a world-class medical center in the much-touted “Blue Zone” of Loma Linda, along with two first-rate Adventist universities.

Southern California Conference

Home to the famed locales of Los Angeles, Malibu, and Hollywood, Southern California has beaches and sailboats, skyscrapers, and high-energy freeways—and a citizenry that desperately needs Jesus. This fast-paced faith community focuses on “Exalting Christ By Serving Others.”