Southern California Conference

The Southern California Conference was established in 1901. It has a church membership of more than 40,000 and contains more than 150 congregations and more than 20 schools. Its diverse communities worship in about 30 languages and express a variety of cultures. It is also home to Camp Cedar Falls Conference Center, located in the San Bernardino Mountains and offering summer camps and retreats.


Six New Members, Including Pastor’s Brother, Baptized After Inspirational Series

(También español) In the midst of the “Live Longer, Live Better” series at University church last October, an unexpected and deeply moving transformation unfolded that was close to home for University church Pastor Lawrence Dorsey Sr. His brother, Brandt, after watching the streamed series nightly from New York, embraced a pivotal moment in his faith journey by choosing to be baptized in the Adventist faith. 

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