Trail Runs and Enactus

June 8, 2023





Today we are bringing you stories from Pacific Union College (PUC) and La Sierra University. PUC’s Angwin to Angwish run is back, and La Sierra’s Enactus team takes part in a weeklong Nepal outreach!


Pacific Union College


Angwin to Angwish Trail Run

After a four-year hiatus, the annual Angwin to Angwish trail run made a triumphant return to Pacific Union College. Due to wildfire threats and the covid pandemic, this event hasn’t been held since 2018.

But early on May 7, a sunshine-filled Sunday, 100 runners of all ages from the college and the greater community gathered atop the mountain to run and have fun. All funds from the race went to support the PUC department of athletics.

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La Sierra University


La Sierra Enactus Among Top National Teams, Strengthens Education in Nepal 

It was one of the best moments of a whirlwind trip to deliver flash drives loaded with educational curriculum to schools in Nepal: La Sierra University Enactus team member Abigail Ramos took out her phone to show Nepali youngsters a video of a Southern California beach. The children clambered over each other in their eagerness to witness something they had never seen before—waves crashing on a sandy shoreline. Another Enactus team member snapped a picture of the scene.





The Nepali students at the school were actually on vacation, but they showed up to their campus anyway when the Enactus team arrived as part of their weeklong Nepal outreach. The expedition was an expansion of the team’s eLibrary project during the university students’ own spring break.

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