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Inaugural Award Gala, New Endowment to Honor Geratys

(También español) The Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business at La Sierra University is launching an inaugural award this October that will seed a student activities and scholarship endowment and honor individuals who have made substantive contributions to their societies and the broader world.

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Youth Conferences and Awards

Today's stories are from Holbrook Indian School in Arizona and La Sierra University. Holbrook students experience showers of blessing at the 2022 GYC conference. A La Sierra University professor receives an award from the Association of Adventist Women. 

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Divinity School Unveils Nature Photography Creation Wall

The burnt orange hues of Antelope Canyon in Arizona, mountain reflections in Germany’s Lake Sylvenstein, and the billowing, star-studded clouds of Orion’s Horsehead Nebula—these are among 14 breathtaking photos installed along a lobby wall of La Sierra University’s La Sierra Hall, home of the H.M.S. Richards Divinity School.

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