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Those Who Lead

(También español) A  journey on any public conveyance requires the presence of one particular person. He or she can be found in the cockpit of an aircraft, the bridge of a ship, behind the steering wheel of an automobile or bus, or in the engine cab of a train. Without this person, the journey would be impossible.

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Foundation for Service

(También español) Pathfindering—like any ministry aimed at children—begins with a basic premise: Kids need Jesus. This is immediately followed by another insightful truth: Kids want to be involved.

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Birth of a Mission

(También español) Say the word “Pathfinders” to an adult Seventh-day Adventist and an interesting thing might happen to their face. A faraway look captures the eyes as a gentle smile lifts the corners of the mouth.

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Why Go to Summer Camp?

(También español) While this could still be the sentiment of many who attend youth camp today, this statement was written way back in 1936! Some things just don’t change, and enthusiasm for the summer camp program continues to inspire both campers and staff in 2023.

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On the shore of the Jordan River, after God miraculously led Joshua and the Israelites through its waters, a pile of stones began to grow. One after another,...

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NUC Young Adult Retreat

During the summer young adult retreat held July 21 to July 23, the Nevada-Utah Conference (NUC) Youth Department set out to create an experience where young people had the opportunity to connect with Christ more fully.  Only the young adults were brave enough to weather the 104-degree heat in Moab, Utah!

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I have had the privilege of serving as coordinator for Pathfinder, Adventurer, and Youth Ministries for the Pacific Union since 2012. For the last 16 years,...

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