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Those Who Lead

(También español) A  journey on any public conveyance requires the presence of one particular person. He or she can be found in the cockpit of an aircraft, the bridge of a ship, behind the steering wheel of an automobile or bus, or in the engine cab of a train. Without this person, the journey would be impossible.

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Foundation for Service

(También español) Pathfindering—like any ministry aimed at children—begins with a basic premise: Kids need Jesus. This is immediately followed by another insightful truth: Kids want to be involved.

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Birth of a Mission

(También español) Say the word “Pathfinders” to an adult Seventh-day Adventist and an interesting thing might happen to their face. A faraway look captures the eyes as a gentle smile lifts the corners of the mouth.

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I have had the privilege of serving as coordinator for Pathfinder, Adventurer, and Youth Ministries for the Pacific Union since 2012. For the last 16 years,...

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