GC Session Day 2 Highlights - June 8, 2022





Day 2 of the General Conference session was fully packed with more beautiful music, powerful words from speakers and presenters, and business meetings!

You'll find many stories below on both Monday and Tuesday's GC session days!

News from Adventist News Network




Ted N.C. Wilson Re-Elected as President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for a Third Term

During the final minutes of the business session on Monday, June 6, the Executive Committee voted to re-elect Ted N.C. Wilson as president of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This will be Wilson’s third term.


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Paul Douglas Elected as Treasurer of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Paul Douglas has been re-elected as the Treasurer of the General Conference of (GC). Douglas was first elected to the position during the 2021 Spring Meetings in Silver Spring, Maryland after Juan Prestol-Puesán retired.

Before becoming Treasurer of the GC, Douglas served as director for the GC Auditing Service where he cultivated an extensive pedigree in financial administration and denominational service.




News from Adventist Review


Motion to Add Vaccination to the Agenda Defeated

A motion to amend the agenda of the GC Session to include a discussion on vaccination was defeated on the first day of business on June 6, 2022. General Conference delegate Jonathan Zirkle had presented a motion to amend. “COVID has caused a lot of problems for our church and has caused a lot of problems for our members,” Zirkle said. Citing a document signed by thousands of Adventist Church members, pastors, and health professionals, he made a request for the church to “reconsider [its] stance on vaccination. I think it is very important we have a discussion on this.”

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Delegates Approve Church Manual Amendment on Ordination of Elders

At the 2022 General Conference Session in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the amendments proposed for the Church Manual on the June 6 evening business session resulted in an extended discussion from the floor and required the delegates to take several related votes during the space of 75 minutes.

General Conference associate secretary Gerson Santos introduced Church Manual item 409-22, which, he said, sought “to clarify some aspects of the church’s business meeting.”

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Our Mission: The Heart of the Church

It may be the most important item on the agenda: at 10:11 a.m., one minute after the session officially opened for business, General Conference secretary Erton Köhler read the church’s mission statement to the more than 1,800 assembled delegates. What might appear to an outsider to be a matter of housekeeping (taking place immediately after dealing with mandatory legalities), the public declaration of the statement provides an all-important frame of reference for everything that will transpire over the days ahead.