Small Schools Doing Big Things and Senate Chaplains

March 28, 2023





Today we are bringing you stories from Humboldt Bay Christian School and Pine Hills Adventist Academy. Humboldt Bay is a tiny but mighty school that is continuously active, while Pine Hills students had the great pleasure of meeting U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black. 


Humboldt Bay Christian School


Tiny Yet Mighty

Humboldt Bay may be small in number, but they have great hearts. It would be easy to assume that a school so small wouldn’t have much going on as far as activities, but you would be wrong. From skate nights with great turnouts to Pathfinders, and from indoor pool fun when it’s cold to the art of pen making, Humboldt is small but mighty.



To top it off, their eighth-grade student was able to go on a youth mission trip to Loveland, Colorado, to help renovate Eden Valley Health and Wellness Institute from March 12 to 21. He was able to do some flooring and painting. 

It just goes to show that one should never underestimate a small school! With Adventist education, no matter the enrollment, you will find enrichment and fulfillment beyond the academics.

Pine Hills Adventist Academy


Students Meet Senate Chaplain 

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors from Pine Hills Adventist Academy recently spent a week touring Washington, D.C. For most of the students, the highlight of the trip was being welcomed into Congress for a very special meeting with Senate Chaplain, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Barry Black.

Chaplain Black has earned two doctoral degrees, is the author of six books (soon to be seven), and is now the longest-serving chaplain in the history of the republic. Rear Admiral Barry Black also served for 27 years in the U.S. Navy before retiring from his work as the Chief of Navy Chaplains and beginning his ministry in the Senate.  Pine Hills students have found it hard to explain how Chaplain Black was able to pack so much wisdom and love for Christ into the hour that they shared with him.



Chaplain Black opened the discussion by asking students for 10 questions, and his answers came as a sermon, surprising students with his ability to recite and apply Scripture.

 The final student question concerned how the chaplain had achieved success in his life.  Chaplain Black said there were three things that had changed everything for him. “Become a second-mile person” he advised—always do double the required amount in everything expected of you. Second, he said one should “stupid-proof” their life by asking God for wisdom on a daily basis. And finally, he told our students they must daily ask God for His Holy Spirit.  Chaplain Black warned that one must be prepared for the life-changing consequences of asking for the Holy Spirit.

Pine Hills senior Elli Fundada wrote after meeting Chaplain Black, “I was very impressed with the advice he gave us. I will never forget his statement about doing everything twice, and I think the most important thing I learned is to always keep God close to you because He will protect you and grant you eternal wisdom if you just ask Him.”