Pathfinders Collaborate

December 13, 2022

Clearlake SDA Christian School


Churches and Schools Band Together to Form a Pathfinder Club

After a hiatus of over 10 years, a Clearlake Pathfinder club held an induction ceremony, led by Kevin Wallewein and Kurt Wery. 

Teachers and parents both felt the need to offer more fun activities and service projects to help young people grow in Jesus. Now, for the first time, at least two schools and three church have collaborated to form one big Pathfinder club. The opportunity to join is open to all. Adventist students and church members have been inviting their non-SDA friends, and they’ve been having a blast. What an incredible way to witness!

The Pathfinder club, which currently has 20 members ranging from ages 7 to 17, has already participated in activities such as passing out Thanksgiving boxes on Sabbath and attending a large slumber party where they learned fire-making and tent-building skills.



Week of Prayer at Clearlake

One thing that stands out in Adventist education is the focus on spiritual growth and development. Those who attend our academies are familiar with week of prayer, and it’s always a highlight in any school year. This fall, Clearlake’s week of prayer featured Pastor Larry. 

Clearlake’s week of prayer felt like a double blessing because they were celebrating an almost doubling in their student population from five to nine. The students were excited to learn more about Jesus, while Pastor Larry used unique methods like paper airplanes to paint a bigger and better picture of God and His love for us.