Orangewood Academy Focuses on Scholarship, Spirituality, Sportsmanship, and Service



Each year, Orangewood Academy High School begins the school year with a three-day, two-night retreat up in the mountains. The Upper Elementary (grades 5-8) also have an afternoon of icebreakers.

This year, due to Covid, these activities were not possible. However, with the large number of new students that enrolled throughout the school year, the teachers felt the need for a change of pace and the implementation of different activities to help students bond and build community. Online students were invited to visit the campus and join in the activities.

Held during a full week in April, this Alternative Week’s activities were focused daily on one or or more of the student learner outcomes – Scholarship, Spirituality, Sportsmanship, and Service. Activities included class competitions, team relay races, art projects, sports, service projects on campus, water day, and of course, chapel.

In the weeks following Alternative Week, the teachers have seen a deeper sense of family and community on campus.

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