Holbrook Indian School: Family

January 26, 2023

Holbrook Indian School

Like Family

On a cold winter evening after school, Abbi and Toni arrive “home” to the delightful smell of cookies and hot chocolate. This home isn’t far away from school; in fact, it’s less than 500 yards from the main school campus. It’s a frequent place for them to unwind and chill outside of school hours. The “mother” of this home also happens to be their horsemanship class teacher, Ms. Newhart, one of the faculty members at Holbrook Indian School (HIS). She is affectionately referred to as “faculty mom” by the two students.

While Abbie and Toni settle in, another member of the family, Dalariyn, is back on campus at the gym watching the home basketball game. She had already informed her faculty mom that she would be missing today’s get-together at the house, which is an almost daily custom for this particular family. Abbi, Toni, and Ms. Newhart grab the snacks from the kitchen and settle in on the living room couch as they look over matching Christmas-themed pajamas for their family holiday photo.

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