Central Valley Christian Academy

October 13, 2022

Central Valley Christian Academy


Move Your PHEET: Central Valley Christian Academy Helps Ukrainian Refugees

May is often a chaotic month for schools—teachers trying to finish the year strong, awards ceremonies, class parties, the draw of summer, and students wishing they could be done already.

Amidst the chaos, Central Valley Christian Academy pulled together and put intentional focus into the month of May to do something tangible for others.  Each May, CVCA’s K-8th grades host an annual jog-a-thon to raise money for the school and their classrooms. However, this year’s event looked a little different.

With the theme “Move your PHEET for Ukraine,” donations were dedicated to a different worthy cause. Their goal? To have 100% student participation working toward their goal of raising $4,000 for special medical foods for Ukrainian PKU families who have found refuge in Poland.

The message behind 100% participation was “We are stronger together,” and each student’s contribution added up to meet the big goal.

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Teach Out

Teach Out has been a long-standing tradition at CVCA.

First, the entire high school spends two days on an extended field trip. Then the very next day, they spend time at the beach participating in some friendly class competition.

This year the freshmen spent their first day hanging out at the Tech Museum in San Jose and pondering the oddities of the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. Sophomores were found exploring the wonders of the ocean at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, while juniors learned about legendary American author John Steinbeck at the Steinbeck Museum. The seniors meanwhile could be found paddling in kayaks across the Monterey Bay.

The Associated Student Body leaders at CVCA then orchestrated an entertaining series of games and activities to help bind the student body together. Smiles and laughter abounded Thursday evening as students competed in various games at the Soquel Conference Center. The fun continued Friday morning at Capitola Beach.