Carlos Camacho Chosen to be President for the Nevada-Utah Conference


The Camacho family: Samuel, Daniel, Carlos, Carly, and Samantha.
The Camacho family: Samuel, Daniel, Carlos, Carly, and Samantha.

Delegates to the Pacific Union Conference Constituency Session, held in Tucson, Arizona, in August 2021, voted to elect Dr. Leon B. Brown, Sr., to serve the union as vice president. His acceptance of that call left a vacancy in the Nevada-Utah Conference (NUC). After a review of several candidates for the office of president, the NUC Special Committee for the presidential selection voted nearly unanimously to invite Elder Carlos A. Camacho to fill the position, which he accepted.

Elder Camacho brings with him over 20 years of valuable denominational experience. He joined the NUC as pastor of the Maranatha Spanish church in June of 2013, coming from the Pacific Press Publishing Association, where he had served nearly eight years as director of sales for multi-ethnic publications. It wasn’t long before he was asked to serve as NUC executive secretary, accepting that position in May of 2014. His previous service also includes many years pastoring in the Southeastern California Conference.

NUC Treasurer Karen Schneider shared her thoughts about working with Elder Camacho. “The first time you meet Carlos, you are immediately attracted to his friendly personality and his relationship to Christ,” she said. “What most people don’t see right off are his abilities to assess the current situation, visualize a direction that can benefit the work, and prayerfully implement plans to glorify God. After three years, he is not only my friend, he is my Christian brother in service for the King of Kings. I’m proud to continue to serve the Nevada-Utah Conference with this man of God, and I’m excited about the future God has planned for the Nevada-Utah Conference with Carlos leading in the position of president.”

President Camacho, a strong proponent of family, is supported in ministry by his wife, Samantha Camacho-Slusher; sons, Samuel (16) and Daniel (9); and daughter, Carly (13).
Sharing his aspirations for the Nevada-Utah Conference, Elder Camacho stated, “We are entering into the final year of the strategic vision planned for the current term of office. The year 2022 will be dedicated to emphasizing Christian education under the theme ‘Educate to Serve.’ We’re committed to finish this term as strongly as possible.

“Plans are already in motion to strategize and set the vision for the 2022-2026 term of office. The process will be a collaborative effort of every leadership team within our organization. However, my personal vision and prayers are, and will continue to be, to emphasize leading, training, and empowering the Nevada-Utah Conference leadership teams to embrace our God-given role of commitment to service and salvation, toward facilitating and deploying every resource available to inundate our territory with opportunities to know and receive the transformational love of Jesus.”

Elder Camacho, welcome to the office of president of the Nevada-Utah Conference!
By Michelle Ward

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