Angels, Moving, and Week of Prayer







Today we are bringing you stories from San Diego Academy (SDA) and San Antonio Christian School (SACS) in California. SDA students are learning all about the three angels’ messages. Meanwhile, SACS students are moving for a fundraiser and leading in week of prayer.


San Diego Academy

21st-Century Learners, 21st-Century Believers

Since the start of the new year, San Diego Academy (SDA) has been focusing on a core teaching of the Adventist Church: the three angels’ messages. Oftentimes these messages have been confusing and hard for young people to understand. So, Pastor Guevara-Jackson, SDA Bible teacher, sought to break down these messages into bite-size, understandable pieces. They drew parallels between the three angels’ messages and the story of Noah for further clarification and to see the relevancy for our current times. After each class’s time in study, the students were tasked with creating projects to demonstrate their understanding of these messages and their connection to life today.  Students were given three options to share their takeaways: a written review, detailed verse mapping, or a graphic project with a written component. As their campus pastor and religion teacher, Pastor Guevara-Jackson was extremely proud of their work.

Shawn Thomas, principal, stated, “This year, in thinking about a motto or phrase that encapsulates what we want for our students, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, ‘21st-century learners, 21st-century believers.’ We are committed to the endeavor of engaging students in an education that is fundamentally Adventist and academically rich. Scripture is replete with warnings against deception and admonishments for us to seek God for ourselves. Just as Christ bids us to come and reason together, so too do we as educators invite our students to make the Scriptures and, more importantly, Jesus personal to them.  The high school Bible class project on the three angels’ messages and the student interview highlighted below are apt examples of this.”


Student Spotlight: Jaden

Meet Jaden, a senior at SDA. Here he describes his experiences in high school and a bit about the three angels’ messages as well. 

Overall, how would you describe your experience at San Diego Academy?
Overall, my experience has been a very personal one. I've met wonderful people here, including my peers and faculty. I came back after leaving the academy because I realized that only here can I confide in all my peers and teachers when I experience difficulties. Also, all my teachers know me on a first-name basis. 
What extracurriculars are you involved in?
At SDA, I involve myself in as much as I can. This year, as a senior, I've had the privilege to play all sports available to me (flag football, basketball, and volleyball) and join chorale. 

Prior to coming to San Diego Academy, what knowledge did you have of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs?
Prior to coming to SDA, I honestly didn't know what the differences were between Adventist and other Protestant churches. I still remember back in the sixth grade, the year I first came here, my classmates were all surprised I didn't know what Pathfinders were. Now over the years, I've participated in many Adventist church events and learned about the beliefs.
What impact has learning about these beliefs had on you?
After I've learned about the Adventist beliefs, I have since taken a deeper look into what God says in the Bible. Now I've started to align with many of the beliefs, such as the Christian diet.
Describe your understanding of the three angels' messages and their relevance for today?
The three angels’ messages are a reminder of what will happen in the end. It is a call for loyalty to God and describes the fall of false religions (Babylon is fallen).  This reminds me that I should stay close to God and build my relationship with Him so that when the time comes, I won't falter.  
What are your plans after graduation?
My plans after graduation are to study to become an engineer or maybe a physicist.  I truly enjoy doing math as well as watching videos online about math problems, and my favorite subject is physics.  I think that I could maybe do math or science as a career.
What else would you like us to know about your experience with us?  
Even after finishing my years of high school, I wouldn't have done anything differently or gone to a different school. I believe only at San Diego Academy could I have built these lifelong relationships and gained all of these valuable experiences.


San Antonio Christian School

Let’s Move Week

At a small school like SACS, fundraising is a serious endeavor. As part of one campaign, our school decided to move! All week, students were encouraged to get their bodies moving. Students collected pledges, and on Friday they participated in a Move-a-Thon. Cordinated by teachers and the Home and School Association, family groups participated in activities throughout campus such as relay races, hula contests, kickball, football, basketball, soccer—and of course, they were drinking plenty of water and Gatorade as well as eating popsicles to keep cool!

The day ended with parents and other family members joining in at the park to have dinner and a Friday night fellowship vesper service. Guest speaker Melissa Osuna shared practical examples of what it means to let Christ shine through us. She told stories that showed how we need to be both spiritually and physically ready to move when the Holy Spirit prompts us to do so.  

A wonderful time was had by all playing games, watching the turtles and ducks, playing at the park, hanging out with friends and family, and eating dinner together.


ASB Officers Lead Week of Prayer

This past February, SACS ASB officers led out in Student Week of Prayer, which was an experience not to be forgotten! Each officer took a morning chapel to talk to the school community about hope and forgiveness from their perspective, sharing personal and biblical examples of letting Jesus shine through us. Students spent many hours outside of class preparing their presentations, and what a blessing it was! 



Comments from students expressed the blessings of that week: 

“I felt it was amazingly powerful. I especially liked the Bible stories.” 

“It was really fun, and I liked the activities!” 

“I liked the Friday night service because my friends came, and I got to see Pastor Brooks again!” 

“It was super entertaining and helped me understand the power of hope and forgiveness.”

The next week, feeling full of the Holy Spirit, students were encouraged to take the next step and become “Bucket Fillers for Jesus.” They were given small containers and “warm fuzzies” to pass along to each other while giving compliments and/or helping each other.

The goal of the activity was to give all the “warm fuzzies” away. This helped students understand the great commission we have to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.