All About Early Childhood Development

May 16, 2023





Today we are bringing you stories from two preschools in California: Mesa Grande Academy and Loma Linda Academy children’s centers. At Mesa Grade Academy Children’s Center (MGACC), they are learning teamwork and raising money for firefighters. At Loma Linda Academy Children’s Center (LLACC), children are learning science through their senses and building habitats!


Mesa Grade Academy Children’s Center


Working Together

Teamwork! At MGACC, it is essential for students to understand the importance of working together. Teamwork allows each team member to bring their diverse perspectives to problem solve, self-monitor, and learn from each other. Each day, students work on creating positive interpersonal relationships with their peers through activities and center play. Students work together in activates like completing a dinosaur puzzle. Although this puzzle was initially challenging, when the students began working together, they completed the puzzle successfully.




Christmas Benefit Concert

MGACC has a Christmas benefit to give back to the community each year. This year they worked closely with the Calimesa fire department to promote fire safety within the community. As they teach students the importance of giving, faculty and staff find it essential to model ways that giving can be represented. Thus, the Christmas Benefit Concert was born! MGACC pre-K students had a great time brainstorming ways to raise money for the firefighters, including chocolate and candy cane sales and ticket sales. We were proud of our students for being so excited about giving and following in Christ's footsteps. They did a fantastic job selling tickets and raised $800 for the firefighters through ticket sales and donations from families and the community.



Loma Linda Academy Children’s Center

Sensory Science

At LLACC, teachers focus on developmental milestones, learning styles, and educational needs to help ensure that each child receives hands-on, one-on-one attention. Children in the Lamb Room, for ages 12-17 months, have opportunities to participate in a fun sensory/science activity like washing the farm animals. They are provided with a bin of dirt and natural elements and a bin of soapy water and pipettes. They squeeze the water out of the pipettes and giggle while washing the animals. This activity helps build their fine motor skills while they experience the elements of earth and water. They have a blast!


Building Habitats

LLACC provides early childhood care and education for children ages 3 months to 5 years. Children in the Monkey Room, ages 4-5 years, learn about different kinds of habitats. They learn that not everyone lives in a house and work together to build an apartment. At this age level, children begin pre-writing with fun activities like tracing words in the sand.