Constituency Session Stories: A Prayer of Gratitude and Consecration




During 18th Regular Session of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists held in February of 1959, it was voted to adopt the following expression of gratitude and consecration submitted by the Plans Committee—

As representatives of the cause of God in this territory (sensing deeply the urgency of our task as we view present world conditions), we rededicate our hearts and lives to the service of God in this mighty hour, with a high resolve that we will labor energetically and pray earnestly for the speedy finishing of God’s work on earth, and with united hearts we offer the following prayer of gratitude and consecration:

For thy numberless blessings, O God, we give Thee thanks.

For Thy protection and tireless care, O God, we do rejoice.

For Thy presence with our workers in all parts of the Pacific Union Conference, we acknowledge Thy goodness.

For Thy work upon the hearts and minds of men — resulting in thousands of baptisms — we praise Thy great and holy name.

For the sacrificial liberality of Thy people in supporting Thy work so loyally, we are thankful.

For numerous openings for the advancement of Thy work, we are challenged and deeply grateful.

For the happy, hopeful, united family of Advent believers in all the earth, we lift our hearts and our voices in thanksgiving.

For Thy promises, we love Thee. For the opportunity to live for the glory of Thy name, we thank Thee.

For the privilege of speaking to others concerning Thy matchless love, our hearts breathe humble gratitude.

For all this we speak our thanks. But for the gift above all gifts — the gift uplifted for us on Calvary – the gift of Thy Son, through whose blood we have remission of sins – our hearts find no fit words with which to respond. We, Thy people, in Union Session assembled in the year 1959, can only express our thanks by a complete and unreserved rededication to all that we are to the speedy finishing of the task committed to us. This we now do.

This excerpt is archived in the Pacific Union Conference Session Minutes for 1959

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