Nevada-Utah Leadership Convention


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Nevada-Utah Conference (NUC) Club Ministries enjoyed a live leadership convention this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. An all-star cast of instructors and a fantastic speaker made for a great vespers and worship service. In all, 15 Master Guide, eight Teen Leadership Training (TLT), 33 Basic Staff Training (BST), and 15 Adventist Youth Ministry Training (AYMT) certifications were awarded.

Guest speaker Armando Miranda gave two compelling sermons about service and the calling for leaders. “You can’t lead if you are not willing to follow,” he told the attendees. “I see something in you! That something is God shining through calling you to serve.” He assured the audience that, like Peter, we may be rough around the edges, but God sees beyond our faults and knows what we are capable of.

Nevada-Utah’s team of area coordinators, led by Iso Vernon, NUC Club Ministries director, put on an outstanding leadership convention. The instructors were well prepared and organized, and the subject matter was presented in an exciting and interesting manner. One of the best compliments is a satisfied attendee. The area coordinators interviewed some of the Pathfinder leaders who attended. All were very impressed with the overall organization, planning, and preparation of the convention.

Rachel Saenz, one of the new directors from the Mountain View Pathfinder Club, said, “I really enjoyed the leadership conference this year. I learned a lot about leading a child to Christ. I imagined it was about talking in flowery language and using expensive and complicated educational materials, but I was happy to learn that it really was just about being present and having a relationship with the kids, which is what I already love to do.

That was something that I learned, and I was super excited to find that it’s a spiritual gift!”
Special thanks go to all those who organized and set up the convention, the local volunteers, and guest instructors Lyle Petre, Dr. Eileen White, Arthur Blinci , Roslyn Thorpe, Dacyl Silveira-Galicia, Jocelyn Trejo, and guest speaker Pastor Armando Miranda, for taking the time to teach and speak at the NUC leadership convention.
By Mary Converse