NCC Constituency

Themed “One Body, One Mission,” 520 delegates met at the Granite Bay Hilltop church on September 25 for the 2022 Constituency Session of the Northern California Conference.

Tasked with selecting leaders for the next five-year term, the delegates re-elected all the current officers, directors, and ethnic coordinators. (See sidebar.)

President Marc Woodson said, “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the Northern California Conference president. I want to thank the members and constituents for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. I look forward to working with an excellent team of leaders as we connect people to Christ and prepare them for the Second Coming.”

Woodson continued, “God has richly blessed our conference. With its 165 congregations, 37 schools, and 40,333 members, we have an excellent opportunity and responsibility to reach people in our territory. We will do great things for His kingdom with God’s leading and the power of the Holy Spirit. In the days, weeks, months, and even years to come, we will consecrate ourselves to this task and look forward to the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Executive Secretary Jose Marin said, “The future of ministry in Northern is exhilarating as we move through the next five years. There will be a significant emphasis on becoming a unified body of believers that leads people through the transformative process of connecting with Jesus and preparing them for His soon return.”

Treasurer John Rasmussen stated, “The mission is only accomplished by the faithful giving of our members who support God’s work in Northern. It is more important than ever to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as we venture into the unknown future. I am humbled and blessed to be a part of God's work here.”

The delegates also approved the nominating committee’s recommendations for the Conference Executive Committee and Bylaws Committee for the next five-year term. (See sidebar.)

In the afternoon session, Woodson described a new initiative "to help create a future where homelessness is rare and brief." By working with community leaders and teaming with established services, Woodson enthusiastically explained how our churches, schools, and members can tackle "that one big thing you know only God can help you fulfill."

He likened this initiative to John F. Kennedy's dream to put a man on the moon. Woodson stated, "This is our 'moon-shot' or big goal to reduce homelessness measurably and significantly in every county where we are present by 2032."
By Ken Miller and Laurie Trujillo


Marc Woodson, President

Jose Marin, Executive Secretary

John Rasmussen, Treasurer

Barry van Iderstein, 
Children’s Ministries

Kevin Robert, 
Church Growth/Evangelism

Laurie Trujillo, 

Jim Lorenz, Ministerial

Rich Magnuson, 
Planned Giving and Trust Services/Property Management

Eddie Heinrich, Youth Ministries 

Albert Miller, 
Superintendent of Schools 

Ethnic Coordinators:
James Lim, Asian/Pacific, Adventist Community Services, 
and Health Ministries

Rudolph Peters, African American Ministries, Urban Ministries, Prison Ministries, Men’s Ministries

Paul Guevara, Hispanic Ministries


Conference Executive Committee

Bay Area
Brenda Brandy
Oscar Davalos
Tyler Kraft

Steve Griffin
Phyllis Hernandez

Lower Northeast
Brian Dudar
Maya Mupundu 

Northern California Conference
Marc Woodson
Jose Marin
John Rasmussen

Pacific Union College Area
Ted Calkins
Heather Denton

Laurie Pettey
Mason Philpot

Jaime Calvo
Fred Dana
Melissa Howell
Ella Tolliver

Sierra Foothills
Darrin Dee
Laurie Longo

Upper Northeast
Carrie Copithorne 

West Central
William Cude
Susan Jen

Bylaws Committee

Jose Marin (Chair)
Steve Allred
Garrett Anderson 
Tracy Baerg 
Pamela Ditto
Larry Elam
Greg Fayard 
Melissa Gheen
Brad Heisler
Judy Iversen



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