Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

We are so proud of our 2022 graduates, who were able to advance despite a pandemic and the natural disasters that hit our territory. These inspiring young men and women remind us that “God’s purpose for the children…is wider, deeper, higher than our restricted vision has comprehended” (Ellen G. White, Education, p. 262). If you have been reading our weekly newsletter, Northern Lights, you will have seen the many stories we have highlighted about these wonderful graduates and glimpsed their potential.

For example, when asked what it means to have a servant’s heart, Landon Chamberlain, Rio Lindo graduate, responded, “I like to motivate other students to do their best. It is fun to connect and encourage them to look at their problems from a different angle and find gratitude in everything.” At first read, this seems to be a respectful response, but put it into perspective with the recent events in our country. With this foundational core value, how is God going to use this young man to fulfill His purpose?

One of his classmates, Jayssie Badette, another Rio graduate, explained further, “If we truly focus on God, everything else falls into place.” How many of us have this much faith in our Creator?

Elijah Priest, an eighth-grade graduate at Foothills Elementary School, which was nearly burned down during the Camp Fire, understands about answering the call to service during a very difficult time. As his teacher explained, “He demonstrates a servant’s heart by his willingness to always lend a helping hand to the younger students.” Elijah explained why: “I like working with younger kids because I want to help them stay on track.”

The educational system in our church is a training ground for youth. “To every household and every school, to every parent, teacher, and child upon whom has shone the light of the gospel, comes at this crisis the question put to Esther the queen at that momentous crisis in Israel's history, ‘Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?’” (Ellen G. White, Education, p. 263).

As in the time of Esther, which was a challenging time for the people of God, who knows whether today’s graduates are called for such a time as this? They are facing the world during a time when society is complicated, and their challenges are different from those that previous generations had to face. As you look at the following pictures, please pray for each one.


Northern California 8th-Grade Graduates


Northern California Academy Graduates