A Christmas for the Birds

The students in second and third grades at Riverview Christian Academy in Reno, Nevada, got into the holiday spirit in the week leading up to Christmas break by building a special gift for their parents. Ric Beddoe brought precut wooden pieces, hammers, nails, and everything needed—including birdseed. The students enjoyed hammering in the nails and learning the basics of woodcraft under his skilled direction.

The gifts were then wrapped by the students, who were very excited to take them home and place them under their trees as special surprise gifts for their parents. Melissa Stone, mother of second-grader Avery Stone, sent Mrs. Beddoe a photo on Christmas morning, exclaiming her joy and appreciation. Third-grader Molly Hildebrandt was thrilled to report that her dad loved the birdhouse so much that he was going to put it up right away. Evie Osborn, from the second grade, shared, “Dad almost screamed because he loved the gift so much.”

The birdhouses brought joy to the parents of the students, but they will also be a great blessing to the feathery friends at each home.

Many thanks to Mr. Beddoe for providing this wonderful experience for the students! Praise God for all the dedicated and generous volunteers who give so much of their time and resources in support of Christian education.
By Mariann Beddoe