Valentines, Food Pantries, and the Great Outdoors

March 21, 2023







Today's stories are from Kahili Adventist Preschool and Mauna Loa School in Hawaii. Kahili Preschool served a lovely banquet for parents and its community. Mauna Loa enjoyed their outdoor program and is serving its community through their food pantry.


Kahili Adventist Preschool


A Preschool Valentines Banquet

“Do you remember where you went on your first date?” was just one of the questions asked attendees of the 4th annual Kahili Adventist Preschool Valentines Banquet.  A variation of the Newlyweds Game elicited laughter and surprise as couples married for two, 10, or 20 years discovered just how well they remembered, or forgot, events of the past. 

Though covid had interrupted the popular event since 2020, and despite rain and wind in the days just prior to and after the evening’s event, Melba Gapuz, director and teacher of the preschool, and her team made sure to have everything decorated and ready to go!



Miss Mel tapped into a talented pool of Kahili Adventist School graduates to provide music. Ryen Cacal, a graduate of Kahili Adventist school and currently a student at Hawaiian Mission Academy, entertained along with Elijah Antoine throughout the evening. That, along with the delicious food, made for a lovely evening. 

The most adorable servers, preschool graduates ages 5 to 14, brought smiles to all the guests. The event raised $6,477, giving the Preschool a boost to continue to provide the best preschool program on the island of Kauai. Thanks to Miss Mel’s dedication to the event and the preschool, everything was a success. 

Mauna Loa School 

Food Pantry at Mauna Loa

In Matthew 25:35-36, Jesus said, "For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me" (NASB). This passage reminds us of the importance of serving others in need. The Mauna Loa School's food pantry is a great example of putting this principle into practice.

Since 2019, the food pantry at Mauna Loa School has been providing food packages to those in need in the community. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and students, they have made a significant impact on the lives of those who struggle to put food on the table. By providing food packages to those in need, the Mauna Loa School's food pantry is also putting into practice the biblical principle of sharing what we have with those in need.

The act of handing out food to the community is not just about providing physical sustenance, it is also a way to show love and compassion to those who are struggling. By following the teachings of the Bible and serving others, Mauna Loa continues to make a positive impact on the lives of its community.


Mauna Loa’s Outdoor Program

Mauna Loa recently held its K-8 Spring 2023 Outdoor School Program, which aims to expand students' education and appreciation of Hawaii's beautiful nature. The Outdoor School Program offers a range of activities that provide hands-on experiences to help students develop a deeper understanding of wildlife conservation, horse care, and dolphin behavior.



One of the highlights of this program is the Lio Lapa'au, Healing Horses Hawaii, experience. Students learn how to groom, care for, and ride horses. Students were taught how to handle horses safely. They also learned how to mount and dismount, control the horse using reins and leg pressure, and perform basic riding movements. The activity provided an opportunity to develop a bond with the horses and gain a deeper understanding of their behavior and needs.

The Hawaii Wildlife Center provided other exciting activities that taught students about wildlife rehabilitation and conservation issues as well as Dolphin Quest Hawaii, another program highlight. 

Overall, the program was a rewarding and enriching experience for students that taught them about Hawaii's unique wildlife and environment. The program was made possible through the efforts of the Hawaii Conference Youth Department, Hawaiian Mission Academy students and staff, and many volunteers.