Trips to DC and Connections

May 4, 2023





Today we are bringing you stories from Paradise Academy and Sierra View Junior Academy (SVJA) in California. Paradise juniors and seniors are enjoyed their trip Washington, DC. Meanwhile, SVJA students are making connections with each other and the community! 


Paradise Academy


Paradise Juniors and Seniors Grow In DC

The staff and teachers at Paradise Academy are passionate about preparing their students for life and ministry. Preceding spring break, the juniors and seniors traveled to Washington, DC, as part of their history requirement.

History teacher Sean McMurphy explained, “This trip gave students a hands-on experience with the American government.” But the lessons on the trip went deeper than notable people and historic dates.

After visiting the Holocaust Museum and the African American Museum, senior Jenner Stabel remarked, “The Holocaust Museum made me think deeply about how we treat each other and the pain we cause one another.”

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Sierra View Junior Academy


SVJA Connects

This year’s theme at Sierra View Junior Academy is “Connect”—connect to God, connect to others, connect to learning.  Staff chose the theme based on the difficulties and the disconnection that came out of the covid environment in the area, combined with the passion to see students to draw closer to our Heavenly Father.



Throughout this year SVJA has focused on church connections, community connections, and student connections. Older students have responded in an extra-large way! Ninth grade serves the local Exeter community twice each month by assisting our closest constituent church with their food pantry. This year, the church members have handed over the clipboard and the communication with people as they drive up. Four bilingual students have delighted in being able to talk with community members and establish caring connections.

 On the Fridays that ninth graders are not serving at the food pantry, they partner with eighth graders to read with their kindergarten reading buddies. These reading buddies provide positive connections between age groups, foster a joy of helping others, and create a love of reading!

Students and staff value the connections made this year through service and love for others.