Student Literature Evangelism Thrives Amid Challenges



Literature Evangelism in the SECC

The opportunity to bless others is a driving force for those participating in student literature evangelism—and until mid-May, it was uncertain what would happen to the summer program in the Southeastern California Conference. With two weeks to prepare, the leadership team praised God for providing everything needed to accommodate 12 students in their modified program.

Though prepared for a hesitant reception at doors, the team witnessed more openness and interest than ever before. Many showed gratitude to the students who offered to pray for them and encourage them.

“We met many people who lost family members to COVID and were personally affected by the pandemic,” shared Eric Isaia, assistant student literature evangelism director. “Many of them thanked our students for praying with them, and for leaving positive, uplifting, and hopeful literature with them.”

Though the smallest student literature program for the conference, participants set a record high for scholarship earnings in the history of the conference’s Youth Rush summer program.

“We have been able to put more literature into homes than in any previous summer,” Isaia shared. “We have seen that ministry is needed and desired more than ever before. Now is the time to seek and save the hurting, confused, and lost!”


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