Science and Outside Experiences





Today we are bringing you stories from Yreka Adventist Christian School in California and Holbrook Indian School (HIS) in Arizona. Yreka students are rolling up their sleeves and learning all about science, while HIS students are experiencing school outside of the classroom!


Yreka Adventist Christian School


All About Science

Yreka enjoyed an in-depth science program this year, led by Teacher Jessica, as students studied energy in its many forms. Their final unit focused on energy in the ocean: waves, tides, currents, etc. Grades 5-8 furthered their studies by visiting Albion Field Station in April. Then in May, grades 2-4 visited Crescent City for tide pooling, Ocean World, and other adventures in God’s amazing creation.






Science Put to Practice

The Yreka Adventist Christian School Science Fair was held on May 4 in the school gym. The K-1 students demonstrated 13 different experiments, including a rocket launch, fire and foil, a Mentos explosion, and a lava lamp. Grades 2-4 worked in small groups, researching and presenting reports on various types of energy, including optics, sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, and thermodynamics. The grades 5-8 students each selected a scientist to report on and impersonate during the fair. All the students were prepared to share what they had discovered with the visitors who inquired. Everyone learned a great deal!


Holbrook Indian School


The Elementary Experience 

Every year, HIS elementary students have the privilege of encountering learning beyond classrooms and books. This annual weeklong endeavor is known as the Elementary Experience. Between April 12 and 19, young pupils engaged in STEM activities, horseback riding, birdhouse building, and exploring places off campus, such as the Lowell Observatory and the Out of Africa Safari near Flagstaff.






The Outdoor Experience

As with the elementary grades, each year HIS 8th- through 12th-graders also have a non-traditional weeklong learning extravaganza. Outdoor School consists of approximately five to six days of classes that take place in the great outdoors. Older students get to help coordinate the details of their Outdoor School excursions. Each year the students travel to one of five locations: Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, or San Diego.

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