Rolling Hills Church Remains Together in Prayer, Witnesses a Miracle


While visiting Rolling Hills church this summer, Mira (third from right) stands with her prayer warriors, holding the Bible they gave her.
While visiting Rolling Hills church this summer, Mira (third from right) stands with her prayer warriors, holding the Bible they gave her.

At the beginning of the pandemic, a group of six ladies from Rolling Hills church faithfully met each day by computer teleconference for the 100 Days of Prayer initiative sponsored by the General Conference. When the 100 days ended, this group formed a new group called the Women’s Share, Care, and Prayer Group.

“These sisters meet each week, with the purpose of coming together to pray and support one another and uplift the name of Jesus,” said Albert Frederico, pastor of Rolling Hills church. “Some have prayed for health, others for restoration of relationships, a few have been for finances, and many have interceded for their families and loved ones.”
Last July, one member, Adriana Duarte, requested prayer for her friend, Maritza Mira, who lives in Tucson. Mira had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. One day, through Duarte’s encouragement, Mira joined their prayer meeting during her first chemotherapy treatment and shared that she was scared but their prayers had calmed her.

“I decided to call them my prayer warriors because they helped me fight my battles,” said Mira. “They never stopped praying for me; they held me up.”

Eventually, the doctors notified Mira that she had to have part of her stomach removed and the surgery was scheduled. Preparing for the surgery, the medical team determined that the cancer had spread, and they were unable to operate. The prayer warriors continued to uplift their sister in prayer.

Throughout everything, Mira continued to put her trust in God. While there were ups and downs, her faith continued to grow steadily. She continued receiving chemotherapy to slow the growth of the cancer cells. When Mira contracted a mild case of COVID, they were quite concerned about her weakened ability to fight infection. They continued
to pray.

Then, she had a PET scan to check the progress of her cancer. To the surprise of the doctors, there was no cancer in her body, and they declared her cancer-free!
The group arranged for Mira to visit this summer. She attended worship service and allowed the prayer warriors to share her testimony. That was a high Sabbath, and the group was thankful to meet their sister and for God allowing them to witness His infinite power through answered prayer.

“Even though many facets of life have normalized,” added Frederico, “they still meet so they can continually experience His power, love, and grace that only happens through prayer.”

“For those of us going through tough times, never give up,” said Mira. “Keep fighting. Keep your faith and your prayers. God is good.”
By Christina Nesbit-Corney, with Araya Moss

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