Ping Pong

November 17, 2022

Adventist Union School

Ping Pong League

AUS participates in a ping pong league with other Adventist/private schools. Sean Lehnhoff, teacher at San Gabriel Academy, has a passion for ping pong (table tennis) and wanted to start a private school league. He reached out to various principals of small schools, and it has gained momentum. Through the sponsorship of LA Ping Pong, he’s begun an SDA/private school league. 

AUS is one of five SDA schools in a total of 12 private schools that participate in the league. Judah Amargo, principle for AUS, states that this year’s team has improved tremendously; by participating in the league, children are provided the opportunity to gain confidence and build camaraderie. They recently played against West Covina Hills School, and while they faced challenges, with the help of their coach the team played well!