Pacific Union Webinar Discusses Engaging Media and Community Leadership Post-Pandemic



On a Wednesday afternoon in late June, communication professionals, principals, school teachers, and church members tuned in for a discussion on how media outlets are reporting on the re-openings of houses of worship and religious institutions. To equip local leadership with the tools to engage both the community and local media, the Department of Communication and Community Engagement for the Pacific Union Conference hosted the webinar with strategic communications firm Kurth Lampe Worldwide. Presenters Kevin Lampe and Greg Dunn discussed the stories media outlets will be looking for in the weeks to come—and how churches or schools can benefit from renewed interest in how faith groups are meeting the needs of their communities.

Among the tips shared for churches and schools, Lampe and Dunn advocated that, when working with the media, one needs to know their message. An example of a message for media is, “We are creating a safe place to gather because we care for one another.”

Watch the webinar on YouTube.

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