New Classrooms, TK Program, and Super Dentists!

May 2, 2023


Today we are bringing you stories La Sierra Academy’s Children’s Center (LSACC) and Escondido Adventist Academy (EAA) in California. LSACC is meeting the needs of their students through new classrooms and special programs. EAA is visited by a special Super guest.


La Sierra Academy Children's Center


Expanding to Meet Needs

This past November, thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Jeff Brand, LSACC was able to open a third classroom for two-year-olds.

To accommodate the rapid growth and developmental needs seen at this age, this new classroom will have a ratio of one teacher to seven children. LSACC is teaching these new children using various social-emotional curriculums and the CREATION Kids curriculum.



Students are taught Bible stories and songs daily, and they explore the campus and are challenged to new levels to meet developmental milestones. Melissa Fischbach is happily taking this new classroom on a new educational adventure. Once the room opened, it reached capacity in one month.


LSACC Transitional Kindergarten 

Upon opening the new LSACC classroom, children who meet the transitional Kindergarten age requirement were moved to LSACC in an immersive TK program in the preschool setting. This transition benefits children as they are now in a lower ratio—one teacher for every 10 children—allowing educators to better meet the needs of children and prepare them for their ongoing educational journey.



Teachers Gabrilella Lopez and Gloria Luna have done a phenomenal job preparing children for Kindergarten. They can assess children's needs, plan activities, and teach the foundational skills for children to thrive in Kindergarten. The educators are implementing Kindergarten math and literacy in their classrooms. Creating a smaller class size allows children to better grasp early childhood educational concepts. The children are given age-appropriate amounts of play time, exercise, science, cooking, etc., all while learning and having fun!

Escondido Adventist Academy


Super Dentist Visits Grades K-3

A group of "Super Dentists" have made it their mission to help raise awareness among students about oral hygiene and the importance of taking care of one’s oral health. The Super Dentists give presentations to over 1,000 schools each year to teach kids the importance of taking care of their teeth. They address the link between dental health and whole-body health. 



Grades K-3 were visited by a Super Dentist on Thursday, March 23. While there is a Super Dentist office located in Escondido, other locations can be found throughout SoCal. Thank you, Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Stallmach, for arranging this fun and informational presentation.