Mission Trips, Food Banks, and Connections!

May 23, 2023


Today we are bringing you stories from Pacific Union College Preparatory School and Sunrise Christian Preschool in California. PUC Prep students are living a life of service both at home and abroad. Sunrise is making meaningful connections with parents and providing fun opportunities for their students. 


Pacific Union College Preparatory School


Serving the Community Through Angwin Food Bank

Throughout the school year, on the first and third Thursday of each month, the highschoolers from PUC Prep have shown up to help with unpacking the Angwin food bank deliveries. They stock the shelves with canned goods, rice, beans, and more. The highschoolers brainstorm ideas on how to expand the pantry and create more space. The students have done an excellent job—from maneuvering and storing pallets full of heavy boxes to organizing and hanging clothing on racks for distribution.



The families that come to the pantry are thankful for the workers and volunteers who designate time to give back and be a servant leader for Christ. Being able to serve this Angwin community and give back has been a huge blessing, and the students and staff can’t wait to see how God continues to use this service outlet as time continues.


Mission Trip to Kenya


From March 21 to April 3, PUC Prep students traveled to Kenya to work at Kajiado Rescue Center for Girls, an Adventist school that serves girls escaping genital mutilation and child marriage. The Prep students worked diligently to build housing for teachers, which is a huge benefit as retaining teacher is difficult and housing helps that endeavor. 

At the same time, students helped lead several Vacation Bible Schools around the area. 



Students built deep and profound connections with the locals. During construction, playing games during breaks, and throughout VBS, they grew meaningful relationships. Their mission may have been to construct buildings, but the people of Kenya gave them life-changing blessings to take back home: new perspectives, memories to last a lifetime, and love to last forever!





Sunrise Christian Preschool


Pumpkin Patches and Ponies

Sunrise serves young children and their families throughout the year. Their purpose is to provide excellent childcare for children ages 2-5 of all ethnic, religious, social, and developmental backgrounds. They provide early educational experiences that help children develop socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. 



Just this past fall, they decided to have their own pumpkin patch. The brought in a petting zoo/pony, invited the parents to join in, and had pizza for lunch. It was a great day for children to experience petting animals, riding a pony, jumping on hay, eating pizza, and spending time with parents at school.



Making Connections

Sunrise believes in connection. They hold about seven events a year when they invite parents to eat together, which gives them the opportunity to connect with one another. In doing this, students experience a rich environment with their families, and Sunrise Christian Preschool, a safe place for children, also becomes a connecting place for parents.