Hawaiian Mission Academy

October 20, 2022

Hawaiian Mission Academy


Hawaiian Mission Academy (HMA) students spent three days at Camp Wai‘anae for Ho’okui. The purpose of the retreat was to unite the campus so that the entire student body is connected with God and each other by the end of the camping experience; the word ho’okui means joining/connecting.

Students were separated into different cabins and groups, and they engaged in various group activities such ice breakers, team building, class competitions, etc. One of the highlights was a long relay made up of 15 different activities, such as academic puzzles and races.

Benjamin Williams, pastor of the Kihei and Lahaina churches on Maui, led the students in worship and blessed them through the Word of God.



Please enjoy the highlight video of Ho’okui!



Student Leaders Share Jesus with Mauna Loa Students

For the past few years, a couple of HMA students with outstanding leadership qualities are chosen to join Mauna Loa students on their camping trip and lead out in worship. This year, senior students Hailey and Noah had that opportunity.

"It was a different experience, being able to learn outside of the classroom, and I thought it was really valuable,” said Noah. “It was also really fun messing around and playing games with the elementary school students from both the schools on Big Island.”

Surrounded by beautiful nature at Kamakahonu National Historic Park, the students had an incredible time. “It was a great experience to connect with elementary kids, who I don’t usually have the opportunity to interact with. Learning about Hawaiian culture from the state and national parks we visited was more interesting than learning from a book,” stated Hailey. Though it was intimidating to lead in this capacity, Hailey appreciated this opportunity. “I was really nervous to do the devotional talk, but I also enjoyed it because I was able to share my own personal experience with God.”