Gardening and Learning with Homeschoolers!

December 22, 2022

Mentone SDA School

Gardening at Mentone

Why do we have a garden?

"Working the soil is one of the best kinds of employment, calling the muscles into action and resting the mind. Study in agricultural lines should be the A, B, and C of the education given in our schools. This is the very first work that should be entered upon" (Ellen G. White, Testimony Treasures, vol. 2, p. 445). 

Every week, Mentone students have class in their school garden. Before each class, the kids gather for worship and object lessons. Then students plant, pull weeds, water, and learn the health benefits of the food they plant. Since Mentone is conveniently situated in the middle of orange groves, student also help harvest oranges. 

While the gardening class as it stands is a bountiful resource for growth and learning, some future goals are to expand the class so that students can learn to create an irrigation system for the garden, build a shed, and experience commerce by selling some of their produce at the local farmers’ market. 









Co-Op Classes at Mentone

A homeschooling cooperative is made up of several families who meet regularly at libraries, churches, community centers, or homes and work together toward similar goals, which can be based on socialization, education, activities, or any combination of these. 

Every week, homeschool students join Mentone students in co-op classes. During this time, homeschoolers and traditional students work together in a variety of academic classes, music classes, and worship. 

These classes allow homeschoolers to gain benefits such as socialization with other homeschoolers and Mentone students, building confidence in classroom experience, discovering new personal strengths and skills, and earning multiple credits toward a diploma.