Furry Friends

November 8, 2022

Calexico Mission School


K9 Demonstration

The students of Calexico Mission School (CMS) were treated to a furry presentation by a few supporting alumni. Ernesto Valadez (’99) and Cesar Hernández (’98), owners of Binomio K9 came and demonstrated how Bruce, the police dog, helps with the detection of drugs. 

K9 officers like Christian Sandoval, Baja California State K9 Unit Director, are trained to work closely with police dogs — are typically responsible for specialized tasks, like looking for missing persons and tracking down explosive devices. These dogs are trained in obedience, protection, and searches, in addition to tracking and criminal apprehension. A separate class of dog is prepared for tactical situations such as SWAT or special government operations. This can require advanced obedience and control when off the leash, as well as training in specific tactical movements and the ability to tolerate gunfire or explosions. 

Those who have seen these dogs in action just show how you don’t need to be a human to be a hero! The presentation brought the week-long celebration of Red Ribbon Week, which brings awareness to students around the globe to live a drug-free life, to a close on Friday, October 28, 2022. 




Depending on God and Hearing His Voice

In these newsletters we often, if not mostly, talk about how children are learning and enriching their lives through the benefits of Adventist education. We don’t often highlight the educators and administration paving the way for the children. 

Being a leader in Christian education can be daunting and it requires an extreme amount of faith. Sometimes, it’s so overwhelming that one struggles so much so, they question if God chose the right person to lead. This is what Theresa Alvarez-Diaz struggled with last month, while simultaneously a storm raged outside. 

“The day of the storm I was dealing with a problem regarding some students that was very distressing. I was questioning God if I was the right person for such a great responsibility as to lead his school,” Theresa explained. 

Later that afternoon, after the storm had passed, another teacher invited her to see the rainbow that was outside, and she explained and reminded her of God’s promise and covenant. It was all she needed and exact time she needed it. 

“Students ask me how God speaks to me, when they hear me say something like, ‘God told me…,’” Theresa explains, “My response is that God speaks through his word, nature, people, and any means necessary to get your attention. I heard him.”

Educators and leaders like Theresa who have chosen to dedicate their lives to Adventist education, enriching and guiding the lives of children, need our constant prayers. Let them find in us a community that is rock of support and love!