Filipino Church’s Zoom Bible Studies Prepare 11 Youth for Baptism



At the Loma Linda Filipino church, Family Life and Youth Pastor Lambert Trinidad had a problem to solve. For the past 19 years, his passion has been sharing Christ-centered Bible studies with young people. When COVID halted in-person studies, he started looking for ways to continue meeting with the youth at his church. Then, family members shared the solution.

“I had never heard of Zoom before, and my daughters introduced me to it,” Trinidad said, adding his gratitude for the software that helped his work continue.

In late September of 2020, he began sharing weekly Friday night Bible studies with a group of junior high and high schoolers on Zoom. On April 10, the congregation met in their church building for the first time since COVID to celebrate the baptisms of 11 of those young people.

Trinidad looks forward to continuing studies with the youth.

“Bible studies are the only way people will get to know the teachings of Jesus Christ,” he said, sharing that he himself is a convert through Bible studies.

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