Constituency Session Stories: The 1963 Heart-Lift Fund Helps Those in Need


During the 1963 Pacific Union Conference Constituency Session, the manager of Home Health Education Service, H. B. Wiles, presented a report which included a story about how the “Heart–Lift Fund” had helped a mother and her children keep Bible story books that they could not afford to keep making payments on. After sending a letter of explanation and promising to keep their needs in prayer, the mother responded in a letter describing how the Lord had blessed her in several ways.

She stated, “I had no way to buy clothes for myself. My sister-in-law in San Jose sent me a lovely winter dress, also a box full of hats. I was amused as I had nothing to wear the hats with, but I thanked the Lord anyway. Three days later a Catholic woman, whom I had never met but who knew a friend of mine, sent me three lovely dresses, and can you believe it, the dresses match the hats. Yesterday, a lady called and said her neighbor had feet the size of mine and for me to come and see if I could use some dress shoes she didn’t want. There were five pairs of shoes, almost like new. Could it be possible that the Lord even cares if the clothes He gives us match? Each pair of shoes matches the hats and dresses I had gotten… You will never know how much those books mean to my children and to me. I was so sure I would have to return them, and it would have broken the children’s hearts.”

Wiles notes that they sent a complementary subscription to the Signs of the Times and a copy of Love Unlimited to the woman and her family. He also noted that more than 27,500 complimentary copies of Love Unlimited had been sent out since starting the project.

This story is archived in the Pacific Union Conference Session Minutes for 1963

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