A Heart of Giving

January 31, 2023

Kona Adventist Christian School


A Heart of Giving: Holidays

The students from Kona Adventist Christian School have been learning about giving this year. As part of this school year’s mission projects, they participated in a food drive for Thanksgiving, and they adopted six children from the Angel Tree at Christmas.
After the sudden eruption of Mauna Loa, the students were happily surprised and amazed to find out that their food donations were used to support migrant workers who were required to evacuate their homes and stay in a shelter.

At Christmastime, the students formed teams in their classrooms to help sponsor children whose families were struggling and had limited means. The students enjoyed finding and wrapping special gifts for each of the sponsored children. 

KACS looks forward to future projects that may include funding gifts through ADRA and organizing care packs for the homeless.










A Heart of Giving: Food

Children at Kona Adventist Christian School are blessed to have a bounty of fresh fruits at their fingertips. It is not uncommon to see students with avocados, oranges, mulberries, or bananas in their hands at the end of break time. Many friends and workers have built up a wonderful variety of fruit trees and macadamia nut trees.





In the years prior to the recent pandemic, much of this bounty was harvested and offered to families and neighbors of the school and community. We are in the process of rebuilding this practice and look forward to blessing many more people in the future with the gifts that God has given to us.