Teacher Commissioning: Thank You for Answering the Call

The Arizona Conference Education Department celebrated five educators during a special Teacher Commissioning Service that took place June 18 during Sabbath School at the Arizona Conference Camp Meeting. The candidates had to meet very specific criteria, such as a minimum of six years of successful teaching in Adventist schools, holding current denominational certification, and showing a commitment to the tenants of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They also had to be referred by those who work closely with them and interviewed by the Arizona Conference administration.

The service included special music selections by Glenview Adventist Academy and Thunderbird Adventist Academy alumna Aerille Salamat, a Biblical connection to the Sabbath School lesson on Joseph by Pastor Van Bledsoe, introductions and a brief description of each candidate by Education Superintendent Nicole Mattson, a spiritual charge by Elder Ed Keyes, a prayer of dedication by Pastor Ray Navarro, and a special gift of appreciation by Elder Reggie Leach.

Several who attended the program commented that they had never seen a commissioning service before and were blessed to hear about each candidate and be reminded of the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice that it takes to carry out the ministry of Adventist education.


Newly commissioned educators with the administration of the Arizona Conference.
Newly commissioned educators with the administration of the Arizona Conference.

Those commissioned were:

  • Brian Allison, principal: Glenview Adventist Academy
  • Teresa Greene, teacher: Thunderbird Christian Elementary
  • Jennifer Montalban, head teacher: Prescott Adventist Christian School
  • Starr Schwinn, head teacher: Saguaro Hills Adventist Christian School
  • Michael Tomas, principal: Thunderbird Adventist Academy