Our Daily Bread

Give us this day our daily bread

Matthew 6:11

A  phone call from a local bakery distributor would change the face of ministry for the Living Water Fellowship in Las Vegas.

Upon hearing reports of the homeless living under the bridge of the freeway near the church, Pastor Oneil Madden took a personal trek and confirmed the account. In response to the great need, the church wanted to start a food ministry of some sort to provide for the homeless and the unfortunate in their community. 

Contact was made with the bakery distributor, and the long wait began. Many other local nonprofit entities in the valley were vying for the same bread. Numerous phone calls were made, much prayer ascended, and patience was tested. Finally, on a Friday morning the call came.

“Will you be able to pick up bread on Fridays?”  “Yes!” the excited reply came before the caller even finished her sentence. “The only thing is, you’ll have to pick up today. I need the bread out of my warehouse today. And you’ll need a truck.” The pick-up was made by two ladies, with a van and an SUV, but they were able to get every loaf of bread that was given to them. The company representative said that was fine this time; however, “You’ll need a truck for future pick-ups. You’ll have it every Friday from here on out!” They were in. Praise God!

This was the beginning of a beautiful collaboration, not only with the local bakery distributor but with many people and local churches in the community. They now rent a 15-foot truck and have over 30 volunteers of all ages, including three high school students from nearby Liberty High School. The bread ministry services over 15 churches that have their own homeless ministries. Thousands upon thousands of loaves have been distributed in their area. Volunteers are developing lasting friendships, strong ties within their community, and a stronger faith.

The Daily Bread ministry is continually multiplying as a true blessing from God to feed His people, just as Jesus miraculously fed the 5,000 in the Gospels. Bread donations have gone from Living Waters to feed the hungry in other states such as California, Utah, Idaho, Arizona; close by in Reno, Nevada; and by way of visitors to the church who are invited to take as much as they need to help their homeless neighbors and friends in need.

If you are interested in having your church join this Daily Bread ministry, contact Livingwaterschurch2018@gmail.com or visit the Living Water/Fil-Am church at 3085 Raven Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas Abundant Life church on 1720 N J Street, Las Vegas, has joined them and offered a more central location. Distribution from Living Water is from 2 to 4 p.m. on Fridays, and on Sabbath bread is available to members and visitors. At Abundant Life, bread is provided from Wednesday to Saturday, 11:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m.

Let us give honor and thanks to our Heavenly Father for this ministry. The bread symbolizes the sharing of the Word of God, both physically and spiritually. It demonstrates Jesus’ continued compassion through His people here on Earth.

Thank you to the faithful volunteers who are making a difference and being part of a miracle. Find your blessing through volunteering.
By Ginger Underwood