Living With Jesus and the Tigers


One of the most exciting moments for every child is that very first day of school!

In the 2021-22 school year, a special “Try us for Free” grant was offered by the Pacific Union Conference in which kindergartners would receive 50% off the first month’s tuition to attend an Adventist school. The Northern California Conference (NCC) started the New Beginners Fund to match, and thanks to NCC Compassionate Givers, 218 kindergartners received one full month of tuition.

This powerful partnership program gave principals and teachers a valuable tool to recruit new students. God blessed this partnership, and overall NCC schools reported an increase of 20% in kindergartners as compared to previous school years. Moreover, 100% of these new beginners stayed in our schools for the entire year.

One success story is of a family that chose our NCC school because of the New Beginners Fund. Through discipleship and grace, a parent was baptized. Another kindergartner exclaimed, “I think it’s worth it to be a Christian. I will get to live in heaven with Jesus and the tigers.”

Many of these new beginners, such as Katie, are now heading into first grade. As Katie explained, "Well, I love God and want to be Jesus' disciple, and I learned how to be a good one at my school. Of course, I go back to school!"

Because of its success, the Pacific Union Conference is repeating the Try us for Free program for the 2022-23 school year. Our goal is to supplement the union’s grant by raising $41,000 for the New Beginners Fund.

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