Church Campout Baptisms


The Cottonwood and Sedona churches joined with the Grupo Hispano de Sedona for the first-ever district campout at Clear Creek, Arizona. The highlight of the weekend took place on Sabbath afternoon when everyone went to the creek to witness four people—Asher, Lorrie, Sara, and Cody—dedicate their lives to Christ through baptism.

When the church members arrived at the creek, there was already a group of people swimming. When the swimmers saw what was about to take place, they quickly moved aside. Each subsequent baptism was applauded by both church members and the observers. An appeal was made after the final baptism, and the Holy Spirit impressed Jordy from the Grupo Hispano de Sedona group to come forward to be baptized. Jordy’s grandmother had been baptized into the group three years ago, becoming the only Adventist in her family. Jordy was impacted by her testimony for Christ, and when the appeal was made, he responded immediately.

After the last baptism took place, Victor approached with his daughter, Anastasia. They were part of the group that had been swimming and had stepped aside to watch the baptisms take place. Anastasia wanted to learn more about Jesus. Victor expressed that he hadn’t practiced his faith in many years but recently was becoming interested again. They inquired about what church was responsible for the baptisms, and when the response was “Seventh-day Adventist,” the father smiled and stated that his wife’s grandmother was an Adventist and attended the Camp Verde church. After exchanging contact information, a family from the Cottonwood church connected with Anastasia’s family and shared books with them. 
By Vincent Woolsey