Northern Lights - February 2024


Welding a Solid Community Outreach

Orangevale member Rob Purvis is an expert in welding. With several other volunteer welding instructors, he teaches students this high-demand vocation—not just the physical expertise of laying a bead of molten metal connecting two objects but also the math, physics, and accuracy that employers will demand. 

Reignite Hope, a welding training school initiated by Purvis, operates from a pristine 53-foot semitrailer temporarily stationed in the Rancho Cordova church’s parking lot. It serves a dual purpose: offering a vocation to those seeking life improvement and spreading the love of Jesus. The missional work of the Rancho Cordova church goes beyond providing a parking location; they contribute a meeting room, meals, and essential support, including Bible studies, résumé writing, and various helpful services greatly appreciated by the students.

Debbie Purvis, Orangevale member and co-director of Reignite Hope, stated, “We currently have 16 students in the program, and the Holy Spirit has been moving, convicting hearts, with several students deciding to follow Christ!”

Students are a diverse mix of individuals eager to reboot their careers. They range from laborers to those experiencing homelessness and individuals re-entering society post-incarceration. Most students are referred to the program through placement services, word of mouth, and even probation officers. Importantly, the training is entirely free of charge for the students. After completing this program, the newly certified welder is equipped to enter a business and confidently engage in professional welding.

Blake Jones, the Orangevale pastor, exclaimed, “I love this ministry! It gives people a practical skill whereby they can make a living. And we also bring the gospel and our hope in Christ to them. We’re seeing God use this to touch hearts and lives.”

Kietrich Germany, district pastor of Rancho Cordova and Stockton Mayfair churches, commented, “I am so overjoyed to have this outreach in our parking lot. This type of service can be truly life transforming. There is nothing quite like the self-dignity supplied by being gainfully employed. I truly believe this kind of ministry causes Jesus to smile.”

By Ken Miller



Making an Immediate Impact

Yuba City Community church’s holiday outreach project aids struggling single-parent families. The ministry started in 2021 with six families at Christmas and has expanded to 10 families for Thanksgiving.

Several weeks before each holiday, members, students, and Pathfinders help collect canned goods from the community. As these dates approach, perishable items such as turkeys, pies, and vegetables are donated by members or purchased with donations for this purpose. Tammy Heinrich, elder in charge of outreach, explained, “Once food boxes are assembled, families pick up their food at our church. There is always extra in each box, and recipients leave with more than a holiday meal.”

The ministry is also able to help in other ways. One mother faced a difficult situation when she had to move out of a sponsored motel and her new home was not yet ready. She was worried about having to live in her car. Some members stepped up and paid for her short stay at the motel until she could move into her new home.

“This missional project puts us face to face with people to make an immediate difference in their lives,” Heinrich said. “It exemplifies the ‘hands and feet of God’ and how He has led our church to those in need.”

By Ken Miller