Pacific Union "All God's People," October 20, 2023 S7 E21



When Marc Woodson, president of the Northern California Conference, was in high school, the faculty yearbook sponsor gave him an opportunity to attend the union’s Student Leadership Conference.

 “At the time it was only open to student association presidents and vice presidents,” Elder Woodson recalled. “But Mr. Quinn told me, ‘You’re a leader. You need to go.’ My experience at that conference made a huge impact on me.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Aren Rennacker, director of youth and young adult ministries for the Southeastern California Conference. As the religious vice president, he attended the Student Leadership Conference during his senior year at Sacramento Adventist Academy. For Pastor Rennacker, there was meaningful worship, great speakers, fun games, and—everyone’s favorite part of the conference—Birds of a Feather.

Read about these two leaders who were impacted so greatly by the Student Leadership Conference in the October Recorder.

This year 189 student leaders from 31 junior and senior academies; 72 school sponsors and principals; and 27 union, conference, and college/university staff gathered at Leoni Meadows in Northern California from September 28 to 30. 

They came for leadership activities, inspiration, networking with other student leaders, team building, and renewing their spiritual experiences. And they left stronger and more confident and committed! These students are our future leaders. 

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