Pacific Union “All God’s People,” October 1, 2021 S5:E34


Revisiting our Favorites

It’s difficult to pick favorites stories from this year, but whether it’s Kindergarten children playing in the forest or five students deciding to start their own farm or a dedicated nurse playing the violin for patients, we thought you’d enjoy these as much as we did when we first broadcast them.

From S5:E13 — Pine Hills Forest Kindergarten

For Pine Hills Adventist Academy in beautiful Northern California, childhood is valued as a treasured, respected period of time that is not to be rushed, but embraced and peacefully nurtured through inquisitive, play-based learning. Don’t you love this Forest Kindergarten? I would have loved being immersed in nature like this as a child—and for 5-year-olds at Pine Hills, this is a way of life! Students in the Forest Kindergarten program are given a wide range of opportunities and activities to develop a balanced and holistic education. To do this, the Forest Kindergarten routine includes a blend of mental, physical, spiritual, and social activities to develop a balanced education and life! You know it’s been a good day in Forest Kindergarten when your once-white socks are now brown, there is mud or paint on your pants, and your pocket contains a treasure from nature. Learn more about Pine Hills Adventist Academy via the links below!

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