Pacific Union “All God’s People” Nov 19 2021 S5 E41

This year, in celebration of Thanksgiving, we invite you to join us in creating a Wall of Gratitude.

Visualize a large blank wall and fill it with portraits of people who have impacted your life in a positive and meaningful way. Maybe you’ll place photos of your parents, maybe your siblings, or maybe your friends. Whomever you choose, once your wall is full, take the time to recognize and be grateful for their contribution in enriching your life.

This week on All God’s People, Elder Sandra Roberts, the new executive secretary of our Pacific Union Conference, shares her own Wall of Gratitude with host Connie Jeffery.

As we gather as families and with friends on this special holiday, let us give thanks to the One most important in our lives—Jesus Christ. His life on Earth is an example to live by, and His death on the cross gives us life everlasting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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