Pacific Union “All God’s People,” March 12, 2021 S5:E09

Sustainable Farming at Holbrook Indian School

Holbrook Indian School has a robust agriculture program, complete with a farm—established with the focus of holistic education through sustainable farming. Garden to Plate is a part of the farm initiative in which students help to grow, harvest, and prepare organic, nutrient-dense produce. The food is used in the cafeteria to make delicious, healthy meals for the students and staff. The produce is also sold to staff members and more than 100 families in three local communities, which helps sustain the program.

Agricultural director Daniel Nicholls doesn’t have a classroom per se. He has a room that he occasionally uses if it’s too cold or too wet outside, or when he has to present traditional instruction. For the past few months, however, he’s been working hard in planning a dedicated space that can combine teaching and practice for the students. The new 20- by 50-foot greenhouse will be a place for the students to learn more about gardening—and the students are also helping to build it, adding to the experience. Great hands-on learning for Holbrook students!

Holbrook's Garden Lab:
Holbrook's Farm:

One-Year Later; A Look at the Pandemic

This week we arrived at a milestone in the pandemic—the one-year anniversary of what we call “lockdown.” The five states that make up the Pacific Union have had varying restrictions, but March 12 marks, for many of us, one year since our last day of in-person work or in-person education—the last day we freely went about our normal activities. For one year, we have marveled at how everyone—our pastors, educators, administrators, staff, lay people, volunteers, healthcare workers—has stepped up to make it all work. On All God’s People, we have brought you over 150 stories in the past year about how teachers have taught, pastors have preached, church members have fed the hungry, students have reached out to their communities, and everyone has pulled together to Love, Serve, and Lead.

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An Interview with Darriel Hoy

We spoke with Pastor Darriel Hoy of the Nevada-Utah Conference by Zoom just a few days ago. She shared what she has learned about ministry and about herself during the past year. Darriel Hoy works as the director of children, youth, & young adult ministries in her conference. Tune into this week's episode to her her thoughts on life and ministry during the pandemic.

Nevada-Utah Conference:

"City Kids" at Glendale City Church

We continue to be amazed at the creative ways in which children are being engaged during the pandemic. Local churches have provided programming for Sabbath School classes and other kids’ shows on YouTube and Facebook. Each week, Glendale City church in Southern California Conference produces an 8- to 12-minute video called “City Kids.” Each episode includes Story Time with Teacher Anji—she captures the children’s interest with story themes like “Jesus the Teacher,” “Jesus Heals,” and “Jesus Feeds Five Thousand.” There are memory verses and crafts that fit the theme of each story. Each episode ends with a sing-a-long with Pastor Mike. It’s a fun, inspirational, and educational way to keep your children engaged in short, easy-to-understand segments—not just for Sabbath but anytime your kids or grandkids need some fun online activities! City Kids episodes can be viewed on Glendale City church Facebook or YouTube.

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“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”
– Isaiah 54:13

Peace for our children. Peace for our grandchildren. What greater legacy can we pass on to them? Even a year and counting into these stressful pandemic times, we can be assured of peace—God’s peace.

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