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The girl’s flag football team of Sacramento Adventist Academy was featured on the local CBS news station recently. The California Interscholastic Federation or CIF, which is the governing body for high school sports, has unanimously approved girl’s flag football as a sanctioned sport. Kayelynn Welty, a senior at Sacramento Adventist Academy, has been interested in football since she was a little girl. SAA is one of the few CIF schools in the area that already has competitive flag football. Now more women like Kayelynn will have the opportunity to take the field. Her coach says it’s a big step toward equity for female athletes. story:

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Jackie Lee, principal of Kohala Adventist School, invited her students, who had lost their father, to go on an evening stroll by the coast. She hoped that surrounding them with the beauty of nature could distract them from the pain of loss. Soon their friends joined, then others, and before long they needed to schedule times and find larger transport. As soon as it was announced in Kohala’s school newsletter, even parents and grandparents joined in! 

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