Pacific Union "All God's People," December 1, 2023 S7 E24



Mama Rosa’s Food Pantry is hosted at the Gardena Genesis Community church in Southern California.
When the pandemic began, the food pantry’s operations shifted to accommodate the situation, serving
people in a drive-thru fashion. Now, cars line up around the block to receive free food for their family on two afternoons a month, and people travel from as far away as Riverside and Northridge to receive the free food. Each guest receives a box of dry food and box of produce. The food provided can last the family about two weeks.

Read the story and watch the video about this outreach ministry.

The Association of Adventist Women aspires to meet the unique needs of Adventist women in all areas
of endeavor. Founded in 1982, it is the oldest continuously operating organization of Adventist women. On November 4, 2023, they held their Annual Awards Ceremony for Woman of the Year and Champion
of Justice. Four remarkable women were honored as “Woman of the Year” this year. Two men received
the “Champion of Justice” award, one posthumously.

The program with bios of the awardees and a video of the entire show are at this link:

Last month communication directors and their teams from around the Pacific Union gathered in the
newly finished Pacific Union Production Center in the Westlake Village headquarters of the Pacific Union Conference. One of the highlights was an afternoon interactive session with Greg Dunn and Kevin Lampe of Kurth Lampe Worldwide, a strategic communications firm, featuring the superhero theme with
practical applications to crisis communication. Teams of five to seven attendees selected the
superpowers of various superheroes to determine what was needed in crisis situations. Lively
discussions ensued as each group defended their top five selections.

From print media, video media, online media, and general communication issues to reputation
management, crisis communication, and procedure manuals, the group not only learned new skills and
polished ones they had, they also enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship, fun, renewal, and prayer.

Elder Brad Newton, president of the Pacific Union, joined the group for the “Heroes in Hymns” segment
and he spoke and prayed with the attendees.

“The great communication that God has given to all of us is the communication of His character,” Elder Newton said. “You have a chance to speak words of Christ, represent Him, be of service to the places where He’s called you, and make a difference for Jesus!”