Second Giving Day Offers 13 Options for Impact



More than a dozen projects, including archaeological excavations, a new memorial endowment, music tours, athletics attire, student research, an observatory, and a university museum are the focus of a second annual December fundraising drive at La Sierra University.

Called Giving Day, the main event takes place on Dec. 8 with a total of $250,000 sought that day and throughout December for 13 department projects. Monies raised will support new initiatives, revitalization of existing projects, and the continuance of programs and scholarships. The university’s first Giving Day was held in December 2020 and raised more than $400,000 for projects and in year-end fundraising.

A slate of Giving Day activities on Dec. 8 will include a virtual music performance, an archaeology discussion, and T-shirt home printing instructions with the Art+Design department.

Fundraising projects this year include the effort by the Zapara School of Business, the alumni of La Sierra’s HomeBase ministry, and the family of the late Jodi Cahill to raise $75,000 for the Jodi Cahill Memorial Endowed Scholarship for students. During more than two decades at La Sierra, Cahill served in many roles, including as founder of HomeBase ministry, as a dorm dean, and as the business school’s External Degree Program Business Development Director. She died on Sept. 10, 2021. The endowed fund honors her legacy as a loving student mentor and change agent who inspired students to use their talents to serve God. The $75,000 goal was established in recognition of Cahill’s 75th birthday, which would have been Dec. 8, Giving Day.

“Jodi’s impact on our students’ lives is immeasurable. She stepped in and turned them around just by caring deeply and genuinely, and she had a particular knack for reaching and building up those who others might deem unreachable,” said John Thomas, dean of the Zapara School of Business. “In that sense, she truly exemplified the values and mission of the business school and of the university and left a legacy that we would all do well to emulate.”

The Sciences Advisory Board is seeking $40,000 this December to reach $130,000 for renovating the Barnard Observatory with new technology and structural enhancements. The board previously raised $89,000 for the observatory. The white dome structure on the campus’ upper slope was once used by astronomy groups to host community star-gazing parties and for university events and classes. It has been shuttered for 10 years.
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By Darla Martin Tucker

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