Every Member Involved




October was a busy month at the Sacramento Spanish church. Twenty-eight people gave their lives to the Lord in baptism. According to Jaime Calvo, district pastor for Sacramento, North Highlands, and Woodland Spanish churches, “There is one more person who wants to give his soul to the Lord, and we are excited for that day.”

Since the pandemic, Sacramento Spanish has been preparing for this evangelism outreach with an interconnecting system, which Calvo calls Every Member Involved (EMI). The church created small groups, learned to give Bible studies, prayed, and prepared each member for evangelism. Calvo said, “We have created a network where we become responsible for new members, creating a spiritual home that is contagiously kind and community relevant.”

Calvo continued, “It has been a privilege to work with church leaders and church members that have real compassion for people, showing that they have experienced the love of Christ. Through all of this, I have seen a real transformation in our church body, and it is wonderful to see the results.”
By Ken Miller